Trasform one object from array of objects in json to elasticseach

wanted to transfer only selected filed from a json file. and one field has array of objects and from that wanted to take only one object


hotelname: Pearl City Hotel
city: CMB
image: [{cat:1,original:hoo1_1.jpg},

want to take only one original from multiple original object

mutate {
add_field => {
hotelcode => "%{[results][hotelcode]}"
hotelname => "%{[results][hotelname]}"
city => "%{[results][city]}"
image => .....

If you just want to extract the first entry of the array you can use

image => "%{[results][image][0]}"

thx Badger, I'll try this

Hi Badger,

Thanks for the support. Actually I wanted to get one image from original object from array of amage. and I put image => "%{[results][image][0][original]}" and it's work.

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