Trouble with Greedydata being a bit too greedy

I have some log lines that sometimes have a description appended, in the "Details: bla bla bla" string.

The first and third lines have it here:

Naam: St Nationaal Epilepsie Fon ds/ de Macht Vh Kleine          Machtiging: MBOA-652563-1        Details: Incasso januari donatie                            IBAN: NL83INGB0000222111        Kenmerk: 5920010020375704                       
Naam: LE EITHNE           
Naam: DOMINOS NL BY ADYEN       Details: 4314566010481582 0 030001485229518 Dominos Pizza   Kenmerk: 27-02-2016 20:24 003000 1485229518                      
Naam: Clark Kent 121 Fake street, bla bla black sheep, north pole

I want to extract the Details into its own field using a capture group with an optional ()?.

LOGLINE Naam: %{CREDITOR_NAME:CreditorName}%{SPACE}(Details: %{DESCRIPTION:Description})?

If I make it optional however it doesn't work, the previous CreditorName eats all the remainder of the line. If I make it mandatory it only works for those lines that have Details, the other fail.

I've tried a bunch of variations, including using non-greedy DATA but nothing seems to work.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!

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