Trying to add fields to CSV and fill them with data

(Dor Juravski) #1

Hi and thanks for reading and helping. Posting because my search got nothing I can use.
I am uploading .csv files from a directory structure that represents countries.
The filenames don't give me anything but the date.


I would like to:

  1. Use "france" as the index for example
    index => "logstash_france_%{datetime}"
  2. Add a column to the output and put "france" in it for all the records

I tried to understand how to use add_field or something similar, but would appreciate any advice.

Thanks !

(Magnus Bäck) #2

Use a grok filter to parse the path field which contains the whole file path. Store the directory component containing the country in a field that you then reference in the output configuration.

(system) #3

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