Trying to get values in array

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hi . i was doing something similar to getting values as an array. i have my log something like this
fab 20 gds 30 rt 21
i want to create two array : one contating {fab,dgs,rt} and other containing their respective value {20,30,,21}
i followed the approach similar to this: #35
this is how i wrote my rules +1

and i am matching %{CUSTOM_VALUE_LIST_COMPLEX:category}
i am getting whole fab 20 gds 30 rt 21 under CUSTOM_VALUE_LIST_COMPLEX.
my question is how to get those values like array as i mentioned above from this CUSTOM_VALUE_LIST_COMPLEX


I would do that in a ruby filter

    ruby {
        code => '
            i = 1
            out1 = []
            out2 = []

            a = event.get("message").split(" ").each { |v|
                i = i+1
                if i % 2 == 0
                    out1 << v
                    out2 << v
            event.set("out1", out1)
            event.set("out2", out2)

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thanks @Badger . its working . but is there any way to do this with the help of grok filter ?


Yes, but it feels unnatural to me.

grok { match => [ "message", "%{WORD:foo} %{WORD:bar} %{WORD:foo} %{WORD:bar} %{WORD:foo} %{WORD:bar}" ] }

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ok so i will post here my complete problem .

i have my logs something like this :

May 18 2018 06:51:03 GMT: INFO (info): (ticker.c:313) fds: proto (0,6,6) heartbeat (1,3,2) fabric (15,24,9)
May 18 2018 06:47:42 GMT: INFO (namespace): (namespace_ce.c:96) {test} gd 10 prole 20
May 18 2018 06:47:52 GMT: INFO (info): (ticker.c:408) {bar} objects: all 0 master 0 prole 0 non-replica 0

in the above lines (namespace_ce.c) and (ticker.c) are the filenames.
the code that u wrote as a ruby filter i used that to get the arrays as for ex out1 =>{proto,heartbeat,fabric} and their respective value out2 =>{(0,6,6),(1,3,2),(15,24,9)}

now i have some problems. firstly the rules that i wrote parse both the filenames logs. but i want to parse only those logs that have filename as ticker.c
so i wrote rule for that . below is what i wrote

grok {
patterns_dir => ["/etc/logstash/patterns"]
match => {"message" => "%{GREEDYDATA:before} (%{FILENAME:filename}:%{NUMBER:file_no}) %{GREEDYDATA:left_message}"}
if ([filename] == "ticker.c") {
#QUE 1 :here i want to write code to match the left_message obtained from above with some regex . can it be done ?
else {
drop {}

#QUE2 : if i am using the above technique then logstash parse only one line. how can i get it to parse all lines in my log file ?

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also is there a way to do the map kind of thing instead of having two arrays.
like a single map having key and value kind of thing. in ruby ?

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