Two filbert.yml file

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Hello all,
a question:
can I create two files filebeat.yml on the same machine (both are here: /etc/filebeat/) and each one sent the same information but to different logstash?
(not as loadbalancer)


(Jaime Soriano) #2

Hi @fconcha,

You can have run filebeat instances on the same host, but they need to use a different data path. If you want them to share the same configuration, you can override the data path with the <path> flag. And if you need to override additional settings like the logstash host, you can do it for example with -E output.logstash.hosts=['<host>:<port>'].

Out of curiosity, why do you need this architecture?

(Felipe Concha) #3

Thanks for your answer, could you be a little more specific.

I need it because I want to send information to a central ELK server and also send the same information to another local server to which other people will have access.


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