Two outputs with different data

I want to take one input, do some filters, send output to one ES index, do more filters, then send to a second ES index.

The result should be one index with a set of fields, and the second index has a mostly different set of fields but based on the same original input.

In my logstash config, I tried input -> filter -> output -> filter -> output, where the second filter removes most fields and adds a few new ones before sending it to the second index, but the result is both indexes end up getting the combined filter result.

Any ideas?

Events are read from inputs, sent through all the filters, then written to the outputs. So what you are seeing is expected.

You could write the events to a second logstash instance, or a different pipeline if you are using a recent version.

You can use the clone filter to create a second event. Add the additional fields only to one of these events and then send them to different outputs.

That's a great idea. I'll try that and see if I can get it working. Thanks!

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