Typo in syslog_rfc3164.rl causes parsing errors for December syslog dates

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  • Version: 6.3.2
  • Operating System: FreeBSD
  • GitHub Link: https://github.com/elastic/beats/issues/9323
  • Steps to Reproduce: With the system clock on the computer where filebeat is installed set to the month of December, attempt to ingest a syslog message using the syslog input plugin. These are the errors I get:
2018-12-02T07:38:44.727Z	ERROR	[syslog]	syslog/input.go:114	can't not parse event as syslog rfc3164	{"message": "Dec 02 07:38:44 freebsd-11-2 crontab[81334]: (root) BEGIN EDIT (root)"}

This is a properly formatted rfc3164 syslog message, as far as I can tell. Looking at the source code, the month strings are defined in the file syslog_rfc3164.rl. The definition is:

month = ( "Jan" ("uary")? | "Feb" "ruary"? | "Mar" "ch"? | "Apr" "il"? | "Ma" "y"? | "Jun" "e"? | "Jul" "y"? | "Aug" "ust"? | "Sep" ("tember")? | "Oct" "ober"? | "Nov" "ember"? | "ec" "ember"?) >tok %month;

I'm guessing that it should be:

month = ( "Jan" ("uary")? | "Feb" "ruary"? | "Mar" "ch"? | "Apr" "il"? | "Ma" "y"? | "Jun" "e"? | "Jul" "y"? | "Aug" "ust"? | "Sep" ("tember")? | "Oct" "ober"? | "Nov" "ember"? | "Dec" "ember"?) >tok %month;

That is, there is a missing capital D from the December string. Because of this, any syslog message with the month of December in the date will trigger the error.

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I've confirmed this bug on Centos 7.5.1804.
How do we go about getting a fix for this ASAP?
Multi-million dollar deal on the line...

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This is indeed a bad typo, I've fixed the problem in https://github.com/elastic/beats/pull/9349

I will check to get that merged asap.

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