Unable to configure OIDC using the trail licence with azure AD

Hi Team

I have installed ECK operator with trail licence to test OIDC with azure AD in EKS cluster. I have configured OIDC by following the below document:

but I'm facing the below issue

Status of trail licence:

curl -ku username:password https://elasticloadbalancerip:port/_license
  "license" : {
    "status" : "active",
    "uid" : "e9445229-10ca-4142-898d-799f60ec4d49",
    "type" : "basic",
    "issue_date" : "2022-02-08T12:09:52.410Z",
    "issue_date_in_millis" : 1644322192410,
    "max_nodes" : 1000,
    "issued_to" : "elastic",
    "issuer" : "elasticsearch",
    "start_date_in_millis" : -1

Will the trail licence work in Amazon EKS clusters as well.
Could you please help with the issue.


OpenID Connect is a platinum/Enterprise feature. You can try it out for 30 days with the trial license see Manage licenses in ECK | Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes [2.0] | Elastic

I have tried using the free trial and the license status is also active, but still when I try to integrate OIDC I'm facing the issue that the license is not compliant for OIDC.

Hi Team, Any update on the issue ?


The cluster is running with a basic license, the documentation mentioned by Peter should help you to active a trial license.

Hello, By following the Manage licenses in ECK | Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes [2.0] | Elastic document, I have created the secret of trail version using the below yaml

apiVersion: v1
kind: Secret
  name: eck-trial-license
  namespace: <elastic-operator-namespace>
    license.k8s.elastic.co/type: enterprise_trial
    elastic.co/eula: accepted

but still the type is basic only .

Hi Team, Any update on the issue ?

Hi, could you share your operator log to see if it has any relevant information written by the trial-controller or the license-controller to help debug?

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