Unable to define multiple log file location in filebeat

(Punit Bangade) #1

I am trying to configure multiple file location in filebeat.yml but its not sending the logs
eg paths: - D:\logs\*.logs - D:\logs\INT1\*.logs
Can you please help to resolve the issue

(Steffen Siering) #2

Did you literally write this into your config file? paths: - D:\logs\*.logs - D:\logs\INT1\*.logs

This is not valid YAML list. You need to use newlines or use JSON style lists. Plus: the setting must be added to a prospector like:

- ...
    - 'D:\logs\*.logs'
    - 'D:\logs\INT1\*.logs'

Note: Use single quotes for windows file paths.

(Punit Bangade) #3

It worked with single quotes

Thanks for the help

(system) #4

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