Unable to harvest /var/log/container for filebeat 6.7.0 version

Hello Team,

I am facing similar issue like Filebeat and Kubernetes: excluding log files but for filebeat 6.7.0.

I am installing it using helm chart.

Earlier it was 7.0.1 which wasnt compatible with 6.4 Elasticsearch and Kibana thus we decided to downgrade the version to 6.7.0.

I am using helm chart stable/filebeat 1.7.0.

I can harvest /vr/log/messages but with both the configurations specified in the above url, i still couldnt get it working, to re-iterate, i do not see any error logs but just that could not see filebeat harvesting /var/log/container/*.log.

Any inputs or help would be highly appreciated.

Hello Friends,

Any help or suggestion ?


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