Unable to index the array(from mongodb) using the logstash

Hi, I am unable to index the array in elasticsearch using logstash. I have tried the split option but no luck. Below is the format of data i have(i.e is coming from mongodb),

{"_id"=>BSON::ObjectId('5ab4f8fc36e9ca09d4cfcee2'), "manager_upi"=>"000018780", "supervisor_id"=>"000064862", "mailstop"=>"MC 4-418", "supervisor_name"=>"Nagaraja Rao Harshadeep,surendar,raji,kamal,arjun,tamizh", "projcountryname"=>["World", "World", "World", "World", "South Sudan"], "workoudesc"=>"ENR GP GLOBAL (GENGE)", "lname"=>"Guzman Hidalgo", "workou"=>"GENGE", "projdesc"=>[" GAFSP ", " GEO OPS ", " LLIIL Open Aid Partnership (OAP) "]}

Issue here is like i can able to index the key value kind of records but unable to index the projcountryname & projdesc fields.

planning to use the ruby filter in logstash, please help me on resolving this issue.

@magnusbaeck, Please help me on this issue. ruby is the best option but im struck in the ruby code.

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