Unable to install Curator CLI on macOS Sierra

Hi, I've followed the instructions here but calling with pip3 instead of pip to get the latest version of Curator.

However executing curator --help from my command line gives -bash: curator: command not found

I see curator files installed in /Users/GabbAHH/Library/Python/3.5/lib/python/site-packages/curator

/home/user/.local/bin/curator from the instructions does not exist, nor the curator executable file anywhere in my computer. What can I do to properly set up the Curator CLI?


Can you share the full command you ran, with any applicable output?

Thanks for your quick reply. I updated my post. Basically curator --help gives the output of -bash: curator: command not found

I think Aaron meant the pip command.

Doh, I found out I installed with the -U tag thinking it was for all users and never installed it the first time. Thanks! This can be closed.

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