Unable to login to kibana on chrome

Yes, navigating to http://localhost:5601/api/xpack/v1/info should bring you first to the login screen, then redirect you to a screen with a JSON object that has some license and login information.

Without being able to reproduce the issue myself, I'm a bit at a loss as to what to try next. I haven't heard of any other reports of logins working on some browsers but not others.

@Brandon_Kobel - maybe you can try to dig in a little bit next week since you've done some of the SSL work? Or @kimjoar - maybe someone on your team would have some more security/login expertise and could give this a look?

Hi! Just jumping in here with a suggestion. We have had an issue before that looks very similar, and this was resolved with the fix described here:

Give that a try @samphibian?


Hi @samphibian,

I've just posted a question for you at the issue you filled . Could you please take a look?


@Bargs thanks for the suggestion.

I am facing a similar issue. But in my case the user authentication works when done via a curl request.
There are no entries corresponding to the failed login attempts using kibana, so I am assuming those requests are not actually reaching elasticsearch.

Any suggestions about what the issue might be?

This issue cropped up only after I had to restart my kibana server. After that no users are being recognised by kibana.

Hi @a5a!
We had cors.allow-origins set to allow the urls that were calling it, but changing that to "*" allows us to now log in. I haven't had a chance to test the iframe to see if it's still throwing errors or not. When we initially set it up, we would get CORS errors about addresses not being permitted; any idea why we weren't getting any errors other than unauthorized?

@samphibian Are you asking about why you weren't getting other kinds of errors? What other kinds of errors were you expecting?

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