Unable to Process VPC Flow Logs using filebeat 7.8.0

Hello Team,

I'm using filebeat 8.0 and deployed on AWS EKS to ship aws logs to ECK for analysis. I'm using AWS module in filebeat and i didn't face any issues with cloudtrail&elb logs but only facing issues with vpc flowlogs. I'm geeting error like "context deadline exceed", i have increased visibility time out to 45 min but still getting same error. Please help me on this.

Sorry I'm using file beat 7.8.0 version.

You need to provide a more detailed error. Did you configure properly network permissions? Are ES endpoints accessible?

Hey Mtojek,

Issue got resolved, i'm able to view all the logs now.


It would be cool to post a solution though :wink: I'm glad you solved your issue.

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