Unable to Reload certificates on filebeat container for Kafka

I'm trying to integrate filebeat with Kafka with SSL Handshake. The certificates are obtained from vault and they are valid for only 7 days. A different mechanism is applied to get the certificates renewed with a new private key every 2 days so that the service will have zero down time (ZDT) and it reloads the certificates before they expire.

I've done the following configuration which monitors the certificates file path and reloads them when they've been changed.

  enabled: true
  path: /usr/share/filebeat/reload-configs/*.yml
  reload.enabled: true
  reload.period: 10s

  hosts: '${KAFKA_HOSTS}'
  ssl.certificate: '${CERTS_PATH}/filebeat.pki.crt'
  ssl.key: '${CERTS_PATH}/filebeat.pki.key'
  ssl.authorities: ['${CERTS_PATH}/root_ca.pem']
  topic: '${KAFKA_TOPIC}'
    string: '{"timestamp": "%{[@timestamp]}", "message": %{[message]}, "host": %{[host]}}'
  close_inactive: 10m
  required_acks: 1
    reachable_only: false
  keep-alive: 30000ms


- type: filestream
  id: pki-crt
    - ${CERTS_PATH}/filebeat.pki.crt
  scan_frequency: 10s
- type: filestream
  id: pki-key
    - ${CERTS_PATH}/filebeat.pki.key
  scan_frequency: 10s

There are couple of problems with this approach:

  1. It's outputting the file contents to Kafka topic
  2. It only reloads the files if number of lines are increased in these files (treating them as logs/filestream)

Is there any cleaner approach to reload the certificates without having to restart the filebeat process?


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