Unable to see incoming ping in packetbeat,kibana?

I have just started using packetbeats, I am using kibana gui to check data. I have 2 systems lets say A and B, I have installed packetbeats, kibana, elasticsearch on A.


When I ping from A to B I see details in kibana, I have used source.ip and destination.ip as filter.
However when I ping from B to A I don't see anything, I have checked firewall using (service ufw status) its inactive.

I expect it should be monitoring incoming ping, is there some more configuration. I am using default configuration.

My system details-

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
Kibana7.2.0 running on loopback,
Packetbeat 7.2.0

It would be really helpful if someone can throw some light on this.


I was able to solve my issue, I was getting the ping request but my filter parameter where wrong because of which data got lost among other broadcast messages. Also my system has 2 IP LAN and Wifi so I was filtering out Wifi IP but in reality my system was using LAN IP to ping.

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