Unable to start logstash-forwarder in centos 5

I tried install logstash forwarder in one of my production server to monitor the application logs. When I start the logstash-forwarder , its show "Segment Fault Error".

Could you please guide, does logstash-forwarder won't support CentOS 5.x ?. Also Please share me the package link that would support CentOS5

My Server Detail:

CentOS 5.6

Logstash-forwarder tried:


Error Message:

Jan 11 07:16:20 fc-feed03 kernel: logstash-forwar[19068]: segfault at 0000000000000000 rip 00007fff3bbfc767 rsp 00007fff3bbca120 error 4

Logstash-forwarder (LSF) is written in Go. The Go language doesn't support running on Centos 5 due to some missing features in the kernel. It's rumored that later versions of Centos 5 do work. For details see this detailed blog post about Go on Centos 5.

Also LSF is deprecated and being replaced by Filebeat (which is also written in Go).