Unable to understand func Asset in Filebeat modules codebase

Possible noob question as I am newbie to Beats codebase.

I was trying to go through source code and understand how FileBeat modules work specifically.
I came across func Asset during the same which I couldn't understand as such.

Can someone share what is it?


All Filebeat modules and Beats have a fields.yml file which contains information on its fields. E.g description of the field, type and example value. When make update is ran, all fields.yml files are collected and compressed in zlib format and base64 encoded into one long string. This way fields are part of the binary and not shipped as a separate file. So in a nutshell the long string you see is the compressed version of field information of a module or a Beat.

You can see how the transformation works here: https://github.com/elastic/beats/blob/master/libbeat/asset/registry.go

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