Unable to view simple results with search ui

Hi. i am trying to use search ui with site search.
after setting things up it seems that i can search but not VIEW anything. in the network tab it seems that responses are being retunred but they are not rendered. i followed the getting started on github.
my code:
import React from "react";

import { SearchProvider, Results, SearchBox } from "@elastic/react-search-ui";

import { Layout } from "@elastic/react-search-ui-views";

import SiteSearchAPIConnector from "@elastic/search-ui-site-search-connector";

import "@elastic/react-search-ui-views/lib/styles/styles.css";

const connector = new SiteSearchAPIConnector({

documentType: "my-site",

engineKey: "*********"


export default function App() {

return (



    apiConnector: connector



  <div className="App">


      header={<SearchBox />}

      bodyContent={<Results titleField="title" urlField="nps_link" />}






ok found the problem. it was the document type. needed to be "page".
the documentation needs work.


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