Unexpected state reading from file - stale NFS handle errors

Hi Team,
We have deployed filebeat as docker container for reading log files by volume mounting of logs files from NFS server. We are getting stale NFS handle errors. Could you please help us how to resolve this issue. Is filebeat capable of reading NFS log files using volume mounting in docker containers ? We are using filebeat 7.4.0 version.

ERROR log/log.go:110 Unexpected state reading from /hostfs/opt/caemm/sample.log; error: read /hostfs/opt/caemm/sample.log: stale NFS file handle


Have a lot ok at this section in the documentation.

Yes, I have looked into that section. We are able to read few logs from NFS server but few component logs are rotating less than a minute. We are getting this error whenever file is rotated very quickly. So we are missing few logs here when log file is rotated. Can you guild me how to fix this type of issue?

As this is described in the troubleshooting docs I do not necessarily think there is a fix as there still are a few open issues around this on GitHub. Will leave it to someone on the Beats team to answer.

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