Unicode Characters

Hi All,

I apologize if this question has been asked already by other members of this forum. I am pulling events from Kafka and getting data similar to this. Is there any way I could replace these characters with "" ?

��(V�T�mm!:�nG�n��k��D�����ܜ���^�>F<��r�s��a�FɴWd�ߵ�Q0�^aLGf �He��TѺ0�R�U��**���1�m�q ӎQ(z9C�yiEg/-�9j�A�ZR�-G��h8���0�'n �RمQ6�g�����L:�hAC�/:#�3��,@�w���GXr��_%(����.��Y~�u�H�-(l��ز��, �T�HLʜa�Ղ�pLY`�����$����}Q��x��ZA�]��G�2�b�5ρ�p� b7�0�#��#���n��(>6%3e(�^P��g�w����g.J��a<��#��_��Aa�� /ᄮ�5��ZxW�_��S���۲���0#Ǐ�7*:vf �D�A��:�Nk���d�31�)*�d�6�jL�������ST�)&̤ 1i


You could use a mutate+gsub to do a substitution, but you might want to add a codec to the input that uses an appropriate charset.

Hi Badger,

Thank you, I will try it out.


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