Unicode whitespace in configuration files

Is Logstash expected to handle Unicode (UTF-8) in its configuration files?
I found an issue today where a pipeline (actually, an Elasticsearch mapping template file) which looks perfectly good fails to load because some edit process resulted in it being formatted with UTF-8 whitespace characters (specifically C2 A0, the non-breaking space 00A0).

This is of course an easy fix (and "don't do that") but not obvious to diagnose, and it seems that a NBS should be a perfectly valid whitespace character.

Well, I think I can probably answer my own question, for the benefit of others - according to the spec, a specific list of whitespace characters are accepted:

Whitespace is any sequence of one or more of the following code points: character tabulation (U+0009), line feed (U+000A), carriage return (U+000D), and space (U+0020).

I imagine that implementations depart from the standard, but it's fair game if they reject other characters.

In general, no.

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