Unmarshalling Error With Route53 Healthcheck an HAproxy


We have a stream of events captured by HAproxy, written to a log and collected by Filebeat.
We get an error for what appears to be a broken JSON sent by Route53 health-check (look at the event field):

2018-12-23T11:56:26.962Z	DEBUG	[filters]	actions/decode_json_fields.go:99	Error trying to unmarshal {"eventtimestamp":"23/Dec/2018:11:56:25.989","epochtime":1545566185,"useragent":"Amazon-Route53-Health-Check-Service (ref 7522f8a3-1474-423c-8ade-37589b6caddd; report http:\/\/amzn.to\/1vsZADi)","clientip":"-","event":-}

Did anyone encounter?
(filebeat version 6.5.3)

Filebeat can not parse invalid json. The event field is invalid.

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