Update Context or Transaction Result in Java Public API

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There are no methods for setting transaction.result or context.request.url.full. These fields are displayed in the APM Dashboard as "URL" and "Result" for sample transactions.

I am using sparkjava for a webservice which is not supported, so I believe that the public api is my only option, but it would be nice to set these fields.

Any ideas?

(Felix Barnsteiner) #2

Hi and thanks for your question.

The public API is somewhat limited in scope so that it's easier to maintain backwards compatibility and easier to use/harder to shoot yourself in the foot.

What you can to is to use the setTag method to add the url as a tag to the transaction. That won't show it in the exact same spot but at least you could see it in the tags tab of the UI.

However, I agree that at least there should be a setResult method for transactions.

If you want to build a deeper and more sophisticated framework integration including auto-instrumentation you can have a look at the contributing instructions. By doing that, you have full access to the internal API.

I hope that helps :slight_smile:


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Version 1.0 contains a setResult method

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