Updating more than 17 Previous ElasticSearch records Using Logstash Output Plugin is not working as expected

Hi Team,

I am using Logstash Output Plugin and trying to update 17 previous Elasticsearch records but unfortunately Logstash able to detect and update only 15 records of Elastic search not 17.
Upto 16 records Logstash is able to detect and update properly anything more than 16 I see Logstash and Elasticsearch behaving weird like updating only few instead of all.

Could you please suggest about how to solve this issue.


What does your configuration look like?

Below is my sample configuration.

output {
elasticsearch {
hosts => [ "hostname:portnumber" ]
index => "xdrrecords"
action => "update"
pool_max => 1
pool_max_per_route => 1
resurrect_delay => 0.1
retry_on_conflict => 10
document_id => "%{[countlistOfDocumentIds]}"
script => "ctx._source.callsPerDay=ctx._source.callsPerDay+1;"
script_lang => "painless"

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