Upgrade storage space for elasticsearch

I try to increase the capacity of my persistant volume for elasticsearch.

However this seems to be not so straightforward, as explained in this article:


I'm new to Kubernetes, and I struggle to make sense of this article.

The article suggest to rename NodeSet, but I can't find any resources of type NodeSet in my cluster.
And how can renaming a nodeset create a new StatfulSet with increased storage capacity?

Many thanks!

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I do try this before ...
Modify the Node Set Name and New Size , then reapply the yaml

>     ...
>               nodeSets:
>               #Define the Node nameing and number of size 
>               - name: master-1   # Modify This Name
>                 count: 3  
>                 #Define Using PVC and Size
>                 volumeClaimTemplates:
>                 - metadata:
>                     name: elasticsearch-data
>                   spec:
>                     accessModes:
>                     - ReadWriteOnce
>                     resources:
>                       requests:
>                         storage: 500Gi  #Modify your new size
>                     storageClassName: standard
>                 config:
>                   #Define the role for the node
>                   node.master: true
>         ...

I am interested in how to do it as well!

The nodeSet in the doc you referenced is an item in the spec.nodeSets part of the Elasticsearch resource. There's an example in the quickstart:

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Thank you, this solved my problem!

Do Increasing the disk's storage space by this method, takes care of the existing data in ElasticSearch node ?