Upgrading ECE

I recently deployed ECE 1.0.0. I have updated the Elastic Packs via curl to 5.4.2 and upgraded the clusters from 5.4.0 to 5.4.2 successfully.

The docker image running ECE itself is at 1.0.0. Current version is 1.0.1. As I understand it the newer version should only default the Elastic pack to 5.4.1 or higher.

However I'm looking to run an upgrade on ECE anyway. I don't see upgrade specific documentation or options in the bootstrap script.

What is the upgrade process for ECE itself?

Hi John,
you are correct, the only difference between 1.0.0 and 1.0.1 is the version of Elastic stack.

unfortunately, neither ECE 1.0.0 nor ECE 1.0.1 support upgrade.
This functionality is going to be available in ECE 1.0.2 and later


Hi @John_Zimmerman

(edit: Yuri beat me to it!)

ECE upgrade is coming with the next version (1.0.2), currently planned for July.

The (literally) only difference between 1.0.0 and 1.0.1 is the inclusion of 5.4.1 as the default stack pack, so there is currently no use case for upgrading (unlike 1.0.2 which has a bunch of minor bug fixes)

Glad to hear that you upgraded from 5.4.0 to 5.4.2 successfully, stackpacks got introduced in 1.0.0 so are still new enough that any mention of their use results in fistpumps and smiles all around! UI support for them is coming in 1.1


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