Use case jdbc and logstash updates


I wanted to review this use case with you guys and get some ideas as to whether is possible to pull this off or not.


I'm using JDBC to mssql.

Step 1: Index all data for the first time using logstash (done)
Step 2: Using logstash to maintain the index adding new doc if there has been a new insert in the table and updating documents that have been modified.(still working on)

On my second step I don't fully understand how to do this with logstash, I have read the documetation and other's people use cases but they're not quite the same, or it's simply just going over my head. Any direction or ideas will be much appreciated :frowning: should have ask this at elastic on this year but this is a new use case for my company.

Thanks in advance.

Do you have a "last modified" column in the table that's automatically updated when the row changes?

Correct, that's how I was planning to keep track of the data, basically what I wanted to do is do a check on both index and sql if last modified doesn't match then update that document, but I don't know how to go about doing something like that in logstash.

See the example in the Predefined Parameters section of the docs.

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