Use environment variables in lightweight monitors?

Can I use environment variables in an Elastic Synthetics lightweight journey deployed from the command line? This is possible with heartbeat by referencing the variable as ${VAR_NAME}, but with Elastic Synthetics it appears that this looks for a parameter by that name, even if that parameter doesn't exist.


Hi @DougR,

Its totally possible. Please have a look at the docs around working with params - Work with params and secrets | Elastic Observability [8.12] | Elastic

Let us know if you have any questions.


Apologies - I wasn't clear. I'm understand how to use environment variables with parameters, which then pushes local environment variables with the monitor, IIRC. I'm trying to use environment variables defined in the Elastic Agent pod in lightweight monitors. This allows me to manage any synthetics secrets as Kubernetes secrets, which I can then manage with a CI/CD pipeline and automate updates for.

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