Use filebeat to send different logs in different server

in one of my server having filebeat configure currently it send server.log ,localhost.log and localhost-access.log logs to centralized log server via

logstash : [ceterlizedIP:port]
index : filebeat
filebeat :
config_dir : /etc/filebeat/conf.d

now i have to send localhost-access.log logs to some other server (other then where localhost.log and server.log goes )

so how would i distinguish in filebeat.yml so it have two logstash output and

Filebeat only allows to send the data to one output at the time. Your options are:

  • Use Logstash to route the events
  • Use 2 Filebeat instances, one for each input. In this case make sure you use different data directories.

i will prefer to go option second , for useing 2 filebeat instance
but what is mean by different data directories.

does it mean


Here is the data path I was referring to:

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