Use JSON as input for Packetbeat

I am trying to use packetbeat to view a pcap file in Kibana. I have converted my pcap file into json because I know that is the type of file that packetbeat can take in. I used the command:

C:\Program Files\Packetbeat>.\packetbeat.exe -e -I pcaptestfiles/pcaptest2.json -E packetbeat.interfaces.device=any

but when I run the command it soon says Exiting: sniffer loop failed: failed to start sniffer: unknown file format

Any ideas on how to solve this?

From where you got this information? Packetbeat capture packets from your network interface or you can run it using the command line to read a pcap file, not a json as you can see in the documentation.

-I, --I FILE
Reads packet data from the specified file instead of reading packets from the network. This option is useful only for testing Packetbeat.

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