Use Kafka input in filebeat modules


Is there anyway to use Kafka input instead of file or other types (.i.e. UDP SYSLOG) in a module?

I mean consider the events are available as a Kafka topic (instead of a file). As I checked it seems only file and UDP are the options for the modules inputs.

If possible, is there any guide to how to do that?


Which version are you using? The Kafka input in filebeat is available since version 7.4.

The documentation explains how to configure it.

I'm using the latest version
I know it is there but the point is in different modules like Cisco only file and UDP inputs are available.
I'm looking for a way to replace that with kafka

So yes and no. So u could change the input variable to kafka but no module is setup to handle the kafka config options and pass them to the kafka input. I think this would be interesting and it wouldn't be to hard to implement, just add the config options for the kafka input like with file or udp/syslog.

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