Use Logstash and Syslog-ng server


I have in machine logstash and elasticsearch installed and I have in other server configured syslog-ng to collect logs.

How I can use logstash to connect syslog-ng server to get logs and parse data locally to elasticsearch?
I have to install something on the machine with logstash? And what I have to do in syslog-ng server?

Thanks for help.

Logstash can receive syslog messages via the udp, tcp, or syslog input plugins. You can use them to receive messages from servers running syslog-ng. Another option is to run Logstash or Filebeat on the syslog hosts and use Logstash/Filebeat to ship the logs to the central Logstash instance.


Starting from version 3.7, syslog-ng, you can send log messages directly to Elasticsearch, without having to involve Logstash.

But first, I need to use Logstash to parse message because it has irregular format.

So, I will have logstash in local machine and syslog-ng server. What I need to configure to ship data between machines?

syslog-ng can also parse messages

I have logtash on server1 and syslog-ng on server 2. I have configured syslogng conf to send logs to server1 on port 514. tcp

but how do i check whether the logtash on server1 is receiving those logs. in my case it seems it is not receiving . i tried with blank input also . can you let em know hat exactly i am misisng here

@vivekcts, please start a new thread for your unrelated question.