Use logstash conf file to load data in production environment

Hi ! I'm a beginner with ELK Stack. I used to test it till now. So i installed E L & K by unzipping them and using them in command line. Especially when I have to load data (eg : CSV) for vizualization in Kibana, I used :
$ bin/logstash -f FileLoadingInputFilterOutput.conf
Everything was ok. I decided yesterday to try it in production environment so, I installed ELK stack on ubuntu 16.04 and run them as a service. Now I don't know how to load my data anymore. I indicated the config path where are all my FileLoadingInputFilterOutput conf files in logstash.yaml before starting it, but I still can't load my data indices in kibana.
I need help please. How can I use logstash to load my data in kibana in production environment ? ELK Stack-1 /var/lib/logstash main
path.logs: /var/log/logstash

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