Use multiple codec in one file input


Do you know if there is a possibility to use multiple codecs in the same file input?

I need to manage "multiline" and "plain" codecs for the same file.
Currently, here is my configuration (I have anonymized data):

		# Ces deux lignes permettent de ré analyser tous les fichiers du répertoire
		start_position => beginning
		#sincedb_path => "/dev/null"
		# #######
		# Chemin du ou des fichiers de logs à analyser
		path => ["List of files to analyze"]
		# On exclut les fichiers d'erreurs
		exclude => "*_ERR.*"
		# Aggrégation de champs permettant d' identifier plus précisément les documents
		add_field => {"application" => "myapp"
					  "environment" => "test"
		# Permet de gérer les retours à ligne vide de certains logs asynchrones
		codec => multiline{
			pattern => "^%{YEAR}[./-]%{MONTHNUM}[./-]%{MONTHDAY} %{TIME}"
			negate => true
			what => previous
		# Type de fichier analysé
		type => "async"

My need is to have the following:

		codec => multiline{
			pattern => "^%{YEAR}[./-]%{MONTHNUM}[./-]%{MONTHDAY} %{TIME}"
			negate => true
			what => previous
		codec => plain{
			charset => "UTF-8"

If you have any idea of how can i do that...

Thank you for your feedback

Why do you need the plain codec? Why not specify the charset in the multiline codec?

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I've completely missed this attribute of multiline codec...

Thank you very much.

I think I can close this topic.

Again, thanks!

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