Use parsed date/time fields to prepare @timestamp


I am trying to parse HAProxy logs in Logstash. I am using standard pattern available here to parse the log. Filter is parsing date however, I want to use those fields to create a timestamp for the log.

Do I need to use date filter plugin or is it possible through something else? Any pointers on this are welcome.

Thank you!


you can use date filter plugin if you want to use your field to create a timestamp for your logs.

filter {
  date {
    match => [ "logdate", "MMM dd yyyy HH:mm:ss" ]

It stores the matching timestamp into the @timestamp field of the event if the target field is not provided.

Thanks for the help!

Can I combine already parsed fields? For example, HAProxy pattern matches and creates fields year, monthday, month, hour, minutes and second. I just want to combine them to form the date since they are already matched.

Yes, you can use add_field in most filters and use sprintf notation to reference field values to insert.

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