Use specific NIC for output


I'm a complete Logstash newbie, so hopefully this isn't a difficult question to answer.

I have 3 NICs on my Logstash servers. I will use one to receive inputs, one for management and one for outputs. I am unable to find a configuration setting anywhere to set a specific NIC for outputs.

Can this be configured either for all pipelines, specific pipelines or specific output modules?

Many thanks.

Welcome to our community! :smiley:

This is not something you can do with Logstash. What is the core problem are you trying to solve?

Hi. I want to separate traffic on each NIC.

We currently see bottlenecks around the ingest on a single NIC.

Our volumes EPS volumes are very high, so we want to gather some metrics using one NIC for input and one for outputs.

I guess I could use routing, but thought this would be core functionality that I wasn't able to find.


Routing is definitely the right place to be doing this.

Excellent. Thanks for your super-fast response. :slight_smile:

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