Use SSL with logstash syslog input plugin

I have an installation of ELK 7.6, and i have several devices that send information to logstash via syslog. I want to secure the communication, but in the logstash syslog input plugin i dont see any parameter for ssl.

Is that possible? what are the parameters for ssl in the syslog input plugin?


The syslog input does not support TLS. If you are OK with using unencrypted communications on the localhost network then you can use either a TCP tunnel or something like rsyslog to handle the inter-node communication and then forward it to a port on localhost for logstash to consume it.

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Thanks, actually I implemting it with TCP that does support TLS, but as i found a syslog plugin y supposed it would be better.

Is there any plan to include TLS support in syslog input plugin?

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