Use winlogbeat to convert windows event logs to json?

Is it still possible to use winlogbeat to convert evtx files to json?

I was trying to use the powershell script from here -

 If(Test-Path -path $pwd\winlogbeat.exe) {
 	echo "Starting conversion from EVTX to JSON ..."
 	$EVTX_FILE_NAME = [io.path]::GetFileNameWithoutExtension((Get-ChildItem -Path $pwd\*.evtx | Select-Object -ExpandProperty Name))
 	.\winlogbeat.exe -e -c .\winlogbeat-evtx.yml -E EVTX_FILE=$pwd\$EVTX_FILE_NAME.evtx -E JSON_FILE=$pwd\$EVTX_FILE_NAME.json
 	Remove-Item -Path $pwd\data\ -Recurse
 	echo "Conversion is complete! See the new file: $EVTX_FILE_NAME.json"
 	echo "The winlogbeat.exe is missing! Please download the ZIP version from, extract it and add the winlogbeat.exe into this folder."

and the winlogbeat-evtx.yml file

   - name: ${EVTX_FILE}
     no_more_events: stop
   path: "."
   filename: ${JSON_FILE}

I kept getting errors until I went all the way back to winlogbeat.exe 8.0, and at this point it just seems to count up through these ndjson files.

Now I don't get errors BUT this goes on for days....


I also tried this one -

I'd appreciate any thoughts or help, thanks!!

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