Using Elasticsearch filter plugin to add information to a index


Hi, I'm trying to use elasticsearch filter plugin to add some information to an index which I'm populating ingesting a CSV.
The CSV is providing this kind of information:

id; value; date

And I want to add some other stuff from an already existent index (in this example, I will call it "logstash-example").
So I'm using this filter:

elasticsearch {
    hosts => ["elasticsearch:9200"]
    index => ["logstash-example*"]
    query => "id:%{[id]}"
    fields => { "interesting_field" => "interesting_field" }

This is not working though, and I would like to understand why.
What I would like this filter to do is to look in logstash-example* for entries which field "id" is matching with that coming from the CSV, and then add a new field named "interesting_field" to the index being populated by Logstash using the value of the same-named "interesting_field" in logstash-example*

Is that syntax correct?

Thank you


At the end of the story, it was a typo. I apologize.

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