Using ELK, I'm unsure how to use right filter in logstash config file for pairs

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I have a dollarVars term filled with things in this format...

Message 1:

Message 2:

Message 3:


My current filter looks like:

filter {
dissect {
mapping => {
"message" => "%{dateTime},%{id},%{stuff1},%{stuff2},%{stuff3},%{stuff4},%{stuff5},%{dollarVars}"

mutate {
convert => {

  match => ["dateTime", "yyyy/MM/dd HH:mm:ss"]


What can I do to take my dissected dollarVars and break it up into the header with its respective value (the one to the right of each header)?

I suspect this would use the csv filter somehow using "|" instead of "," and somehow telling it each dollarVar odd column is a header and each even column goes with its respective (n-1) odd column.

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Can you give us an example snippet of what's being ingested? I'm not 100% following the examples you made.

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