Using grok instead of csv filter

I have a csv files with multiple lines as follows

"Archive","Major Interval","DEV1","f328c29c-c695-11e5-addb-cc355a180000","EG1","5d56048e-5201-0000-0080-b2bb5fd9a209","TestHeartBeatFlow","3e452a8e-5201-0000-0080-a896a7ab9b4c","","","","","2017-02-17","02:46:1.054058","2017-02-17 08:46:1.05405","2017-02-17","03:46:2.572417","2017-02-17 09:46:2.57241","6637497","767","11845","333","4576041","529","2566","302","1133995","3594619278","8646","7774713","899","976","762","1","8646","0","0","0","0","0","0","Anonymous"

I am using the csv filter and mutate the get the outputs as following


I was just curious how i can get the same result with grok, if at all that is possible.

I tried using

match => { "message" => "%{WORD:type} %{WORD:interval} %{WORD:broker} %{....

But stopped completing since there are so many unwanted fields. Is there an easier way of doing this with grok?

Clearly, csv filter is much more relevant for your use case.
With grok , you would have a very long pattern, which would be a lot less generic and simple.

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