Using Java_line codec on Kafka input


Would this be a valid way to configure the java_line codec for the Kafka input? I need to parse events with a custom line terminator like below. Currently I have \n in my debug statements and \n for line terminators in my app that uses log4j. I want each event to parse on "\n**ENDLINE\n"

input {
          kafka {
            bootstrap_servers => "10.65.xx.xx:9091,10.65.xx.xx:9091,10.65.xx.xx:9091"
            topics => "ztta-qa3"
            consumer_threads => 4
            codec => java_line { 
                  charset => "utf-8" 
                  delimiter =>"\n**ENDLINE\n"
            group_id => "test-consumer-group"
#           security_protocol => "SSL"


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