Using message pattern match to shut down Logstash

What would be the best way of gracefully shutting down Logstash based on a message pattern match? The pattern match would indicate the file input stream is dead.

if ([message] =~ "patternA") {
code => "some shutdown code"

Our Desired Scenario:
An automated job runs performance tests that use Logstash to ship results to Elasticsearch. Each job requires a test run specific Logstash configuration and multiple jobs can run simultaneously on a server. Each Logstash instance lives only within the job and must live long enough to complete shipping of the results file.

The automated job implements the following steps

  1.   An instance of Logstash is configured for the test and started to monitor the soon to exist performance test result file.
  2.   The test is started and results are being generated. A test run can take a couple of minutes or up to a couple of hours
  3.   Logstash starts reading the results stream and shipping to Elasticsearch
  4.   The test completes
  5.   The job appends a message, containing patternA, to the results file.
  6.   Logstash continues reading and shipping
  7.   Logstash reads the message containing patternA and starts graceful shutdown, allowing buffered data to ship
  8.   Logstash completes shipping and then terminates
  9.   Job verifies Logstash termination and completes

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