Using redis read replica in logstash input configuration


I am having a throttling issue on redis which could be due to the usage of just the primary endpoint to collect the logs from redis using logstash input configuration.

Is it possible to use the redis read replica endpoint in the logstash input configuration to ingest the logs from redis?
When the logs are collected by logstash from redis does it execute a number of getTypeCmds or setTypeCmds ?
I have the same input configuration(mentioned below) on around 18 instances configured with logstash which all point to the same redis primary endpoint to ingest the logs. The read replica remains unused.

input {
    redis {
        host => ""
        port => "6379"
        data_type => "list"
        key => "demo1"
        threads => 32
        batch_count => 2048

Any thoughts?

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