Using RegEx for multiple matches to store in single field or dynamic fields

Is it possible to parse an event field for multiple values and have all matches be stored in multiple new fields dynamically?

For example, if [message] contains multiple hits on a regex searching for URLs, could they all get stored in new fields called URLs.N respectively?

I understand that using the grok filter that you can store the first value in a newly created field.

But I wish to store all matches. Secondarily, I wish to store the different capture groups into fields as well.


So in the examples below I would like Match 1.1 and Match 2.1 to be stored in a dynamic variable:

URL.1 =>
URL.2 => https://eur03...C01

Then I would like to store the other capture groups in a field of their own as well such as:
URL.1.protocol = > https
URL.1.domain =>
URL.1.path = /img...gif
URL.2.protocol => https
URL.2.domain =>
URL.2.path => /?url=https...yw

I am using to test my regex, and it works great!


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