Using Swiftype site search and faceting with crawler

Hi, I had a question - I am working with an outside vendor who is building a Salesforce commerce cloud implementation. We currently use site search via crawler to index both our current marketing site and also our cart site (2 domains). We currently send users to our Drupal site when they search, which uses a custom module to present the search results. However, we would like to display search results within the new cart, and be able to facet by domain there so that users could select whether they want to look at just pages from the cart, or across domains. Is that possible using the jquery faceting (assuming we have the domain identifier tag set up)?

Though I don't know the details of your sites or your crawls, I don't immediately see a reason why you wouldn't be able to set up filter facets based on your domain, if you've set up tags so that your Site Search documents have a domain field. Are you running into an issue?

Thanks for the reply, not currently, however I am trying to determine what is possible before scoping this with our outside developer on Salesforce commerce cloud.

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