Using the multiline codec with input pipeline

Hello everyone,

I am using pipeline communication to have a different pipeline to parse different file types as input.
My main input pipeline recognizes the file type and passes control to the correct pipeline.

I am trying to use the input pipeline with a multiline codec without much success.
If I am using stdin input with the codec everything works fine.
It looks like the codec statement is simply ignored when specified in the pipeline input.
My input looks like this:

input {
        pipeline {
                address => "my-address"
                codec => multiline {
                        pattern => "^1"
                        negate => true
                        what => "previous"

I can't find any documentation about the pipeline input/output plugins other than example of how to use them for communicating between pipelines and I an not even sure the codec parameter is expected there.

Would appreciate your help.

The codec option on a pipeline is ignored, by design. And yes, ignoring it silently is a bad design.

Thank you for that.
Can you think of any another way I can use multiline in such a scenario or must I use a different input with a codec to handle multiline?

thanks again

You would have to use a different input.

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