Using wildcard character in input


I'm trying to use a wildcard character to get multiple folders in my email with the IMAP input but it doesn't seem to be valid. Am I missing something? Should it work? I have about 30 folders that I need to import and there's a limit office puts on the amount of concurrent sessions that can connect to it, thus I cannot do 30 imaps in one input (I've tried).

imap {
        host => ""
        user => ""
        password => "xxx"
        port => 993
        folder => "Inbox/folder/*"
        secure => true
        check_interval => 30
        fetch_count => 100

I've tried

folder => "Inbox/folder/**"
folder => "Inbox/folder/"
folder => "Inbox/folder/**/"
folder => "Inbox/folder/aa*"

Unfortunately wildcard foldernames are not supported. I was about to suggest you to file an issue but note that you already have:

Ok, I just wanted to check to make sure i wasn't missing something. Thanks!

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