/var/log/upstart/logstash.log is too large

logstash version 7.9.3

when I start logstash service, the log file in /var/log/upstart/logstash.log will become too large in feu minutes, still I hava change the /path/logs to /data/logstash/.

How to change this log file in config file?


If you wanna reduce the number of logs stored you can use log.level in your logstash.yml to store only error logs

log.level: error

You can change error by: fatal, error, warn, info, debug, trace

for more information you can see: https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/logstash/current/logstash-settings-file.html

My config like this:
log.level: error
path.logs: /data/logstash/log

but there still have some logfile in dir /var/log/upstart/

root@cassandra6:/var/log/upstart# ls
logstash.log logstash.log.1.gz logstash.log.2.gz logstash.log.3.gz

And other logfile in /data/logstash/log as my config

root@cassandra6:/data/logstash/log# ls
logstash-deprecation.log logstash-plain-2020-12-02-1.log.gz logstash-plain-2020-12-13-1.log.gz
logstash-plain-2020-11-10-1.log.gz logstash-plain-2020-12-03-1.log.gz logstash-plain-2020-12-14-1.log.gz
logstash-plain-2020-11-13-1.log.gz logstash-plain-2020-12-04-1.log.gz logstash-plain.log
logstash-plain-2020-11-18-1.log.gz logstash-plain-2020-12-10-1.log.gz logstash-slowlog-plain.log
logstash-plain-2020-11-19-1.log.gz logstash-plain-2020-12-11-1.log.gz
logstash-plain-2020-12-01-1.log.gz logstash-plain-2020-12-12-1.log.gz

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